The Lost Ingredient Of Great Leadership: Improvisation

There is a fascinating similarity between Theresa May’s lackluster election campaign and the fall-out from the British Airways ‘glitch’ that grounded almost its entire fleet over the Bank Holiday weekend. In this era of instantaneous disruption, the more that leaders and their public relations gurus become obsessed by control, the less likely they will be able to lead when chaos, mess and uncertainty strike.  


The Art Of The CEO Apology

We all make mistakes, some more costly than others. Mine, fingers crossed, have so far been either dumb and inconsequential or even dumber with fortuitous results (I am a freelance consultant now, after all). 


Does This Prove The Media Has A Problem With Unconscious Bias?

I lost a £50 bet last week and I must say that I couldn’t be happier. I have Hyeonseo Lee to thank. Now 36, she’s a bestselling author, inspirational speaker and tireless campaigner for the plight of North Koreans. Aged 17 she made a daring escape from her home there, across China and finally into the welcoming arms of South Korea. More importantly, for my purposes, she’s a woman. 


The One Person Every Newspaper Has To Hire in 2017

All newspapers essentially publish the same news, they just dress it up in different ways. But there are three vital pages that make a good newspaper great, that set the tone of the entire publication, that make it unique and engender deep loyalties in readers. 


Why Data Journalism Can't Always Be Trusted

Data can tell us two stories – the one its creators want to tell us and the one they’d prefer to ignore. So when a politician boasts that, for instance, 70 per cent of business leaders say the economy is better than it was 10 years ago when the last government was in power, it ignores the fact that 73 per cent say that it’s worse off than it was last year. 


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